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Daily inspection points

1、Check the temperature rise of the screw barrel, current and heat dissipation fan normal or not.

2、Check the liquid level of the oil source tank 40%-65%.

3、Check the oil and water separator of the air source inlet of the equipment for inspection and water discharge.

4、Check to add oil injection pump lubricant, check the oil supply point lubricant.

5、Synchronous rack add grease.

6、Lock mold guide column guide bush add lubricating oil.

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Weekly inspection points

1、Check the extruder gearbox oil level.

2、Check the position and tightness of dragging main motor, pulley and connecting belt.

3、Check the heat dissipation of the oil tank cooler and clean the cooler scale regularly.

4、Check the oil, water, gas pipeline and connecting pipe fittings.

5、Check the hydraulic solenoid valve, pneumatic solenoid valve action.

6、Check the closing guide and grease.

Monthly inspection points

1、Check hydraulic solenoid valve, pneumatic solenoid valve action.

2、Check each action cylinder.

3、Check the main oil tank filter.

4、Check the oil tank cooler heat dissipation.

5, high-power line connection is loose, discoloration.

6、Regular dust removal, waterproof and moisture-proof, heat dissipation and ventilation to prevent the temperature of the distribution box can not exceed 40 ℃. Pay attention to waterproof.

7、Regularly check the wire and cable, terminals for discoloration, scorched yellow, overheating, odor, and whether the temperature is too high.


Semi-annual spot check points

1、Replace the main oil tank filter and hydraulic oil regularly.

2、Regularly clean the cooler scale.

3、Dust the distribution box inverter regularly.

4、Regularly check and maintain the equipment grounding to ensure that the equipment grounding is reliable and the grounding resistance is less than 10 ohms.