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The Dana 60 is a car hub produced by Dana Holding Corporation and utilized in OEM pickup and restricted traveler vehicle applications by Chevrolet, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Ford and Land Rover. There are front and back variants of the Dana 60. It very well may be promptly recognized by its straight hub tubes, 10 jolt topsy-turvy spread, and a "60" cast in to the lodging. Net hub weight appraisals are frequently brought down by the vehicle producer for security and tire reasons. They are additionally brought down to lessen loads on other power train segments, for example, transmissions and move cases. ford dana 60 steering knuckles, the best steering knuckle parts are likewise progressively traded into numerous custom rough terrain applications to oblige bigger tires and profound compound outfitting with locking differentials.

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You at last got that valued ford dana 60 steering knuckle for the front of your apparatus! You as of now have hybrid steering and you need to keep it. Will any of your present parts work? What do you have to keep the arrangement you have? Track with as I convert venture RocK ready from the 1/2 ton Dana 44 to the 1 ton Dana 60 and keep the hybrid steering. If you don't mind Note: This is on a King Pin G.M. ford dana 60 steering knuckle front left stub axle. There are rotating conjuncture Dana 60's (Ford, or Dodge, Chevrolet never utilized swiveling appendage Dana 60's) out there and this article DOES NOT manage the rotating appendage type Dana 60's.

In the event that you have just changed over your present ford dana 60 steering knuckle to hybrid, this won't be a significant change for you, the Dana 60 is (as I would see it) simpler to trade to hybrid than the Dana 44 or the G.M. 10 jolt. To the extent the parts you can keep and use while trading, they are the drag interface (it might should be abbreviated, mine did), the steering box, and your pitman arm (contingent upon which arm you are at present utilizing).

There are two sections you should supplant, with your drag connect a potential third. One is the steering arm on the ford dana 60 steering knuckle (the Dana 60 one has four studs to mount it and you don't must have the knuckle machined to put them on). The other is the tie bar (the Dana 60 tie pole get together is shorter). On the off chance that you have a reseller's exchange tie pole arrangement, you might have the option to abbreviate yours and have it re-strung.

When the ford dana 60 steering knuckle is traded in, you need to get and mount another steering arm. There are many out there to browse. I picked the Offroad Designs D60 Crossover Steering arm. I picked this specific Crossover Steering Arm for a few reasons. It is very thick and meaty. It accompanies the King Pin Cap welded on, taking out the requirement for spacers. It's tightened for the huge G.M. tie bar end, where the drag interface appends it has a 10 degree edge to make up for the knuckles incline where the arm joins. At long last, it joins utilizing the stock arrangement of studs and nuts. It doesn't utilize jolts (this was a major in addition to for me). The stock steering arm is connected to the drivers side knuckle with studs and tightened nuts. This is the best (as I would see it), also most grounded approach to mount the arm to the knuckle.

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With respect to the studs and nuts, you have several choices. You can evacuate the stock studs and reuse them on the traveler knuckle. In the process trade the traveler side top dog spring top over to the drivers side and utilize its mounting equipment. The other choice (the one I pick) is to get another arrangement of studs and nuts from G.M. I was unable to discover a substitution stud choice, however the nuts are simply fasteners, so I got four from a neighborhood car parts store. We also manufacture ford f150 steering knuckle for you, 

Conclusion on ford dana 60 steering knuckle

When the arm is mounted to the ford dana 60 steering knuckle, it's an ideal opportunity to address the drag interface and the tie pole gathering. On my drag connect, from the Dana 44 Crossover that I had just done, I abbreviated and re-strung it for the Dana 60 hybrid. It worked fine and dandy. On the tie pole gathering, the stock Dana 60 I had was toast, so I rang Rockstomper and got one of their RockRods. These are excessively meaty and include a considerably observable measure of solidarity and strength to this part. They begin as a 1.25" .219 DOM steel tubing, at that point completely sleeved with 1.5" .120 divider steel tube lastly completely mig welded at the two finishes. That is about it. Not hard by any means, actually, I think the Dana 60 Crossover is a lot simpler to manage than the first change I did on the Dana 44. The following is a rundown of part numbers and providers that I utilized for this task.